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Vargamäe story also addresses present-day youngsters


In the last weekend of October, the children of several Estonian shelters and substitute homes got a chance to enjoy the new children’s play “Vai-vai vaene Vargamäe” (“Looky-looky, poor Vargamäe”) at Ugala Theatre in Viljandi. After a thought-provoking play, children had the opportunity to visit the backstage and meet the actors.

The play is based on Estonian national writer A.H. Tammsaare’s renowned novel “Tõde ja õigus” (“Truth and Justice”), as adapted for children. Even though the play was rendered to fit the audience of children, it was not the easiest of plays. What rang out was the thought that too much work without love can do harm: everyone needs hugs to get along in life.

When the play ended, the children had the opportunity to meet the actors, ask for autographs for the programme and take pictures with their favourite actors. The tour in the recently renovated theatre building was exciting, as well. The children got a glimpse of the areas where actors prepare for the play, put on make-up and dress up in costumes.

The children admitted that the play was educational and serious. On the way home, the discussion revolved mainly around the importance of love and caring in life. The conclusion was that it does not bode well to constantly argue with each other. Furthermore, we should not forget, when we grow up, that family is much more important than work. It is good to see that the profound, exciting experience fuelled many children’s interest in visiting the theatre and seeing more plays.

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