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The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


Sports day at the bike race: It pays to believe in yourself and the others!

Also this year, the children living in various substitute homes and shelters attended the children’s races of Tartu MTB Marathon, where each participant could pick a distance suitable for their age and abilities. After athletic exertion everyone enjoyed swimming at the spa.

A day before the Tartu MTB Marathon, the kids could not hide the excitement at home, recalling the events they attended the years before. In the morning, everyone was up early and ready for the trip.

Kirill’s experience: heaped self-confidence and a new tail lamp

The wake-up call in Kirill’s family was set at 7:40. Kirill was excited about the upcoming day, asking several times about when the bus was coming. At the bus, he was anxiously asking about when they are going to arrive.

It was really crowded at the bike race – Kirill was not used to it and felt a bit insecure. He kept himself and the bike close to the teacher. Together they collected his named number. Before the start, the boy inquired at least dozen times whether the teacher will be waiting for him at the finishing line. The boy was scared about getting lost or not finding the teacher. Everything new is always a bit scary and may take some getting used to and practice. Which is why the teacher and Kirill went to see the finish and the teacher showed the boy the exact spot where she would be waiting for him. Everything went smoothly: Kirill completed the 5.1 km distance pretty fast and fled to the finish, cheeks rosy and a smile on his face. With this event, the boy got heaped self-confidence and learned that you should believe in yourself and the others.

The lottery wheel, however, brought Kirill a tail lamp for his bike, for which he was really happy. And of course, there was spa afterwards, to relax the muscles from the race. Kirill tried out everything possible there – played at the children’s pool, visited different saunas and the salt world. Also, the locker system was soon no problem for the boy.

Was it really necessary to sign up...?

There was some uncertainty in the family of Stiiven when leaving the home this morning, as the teachers had not been at the sports events by themselves for a long time. For once, they even doubted whether it was wise to sign up.... It also turned out that the bikes at the family homes had different derailleurs than those they had to ride now. However, the people lending out bikes gave a quick course to the kids and everything went smoothly.

The question got answered when the riders were off and the teachers together with Stiiven (who did not yet ride a two-wheel bike) proceeded to the finishing line to wait for the others: it was good that we took the trip! As the weather was wonderful, the children and young people were happily milling around and everyone was having good time. Those cheering for the participants rejoiced together with those passing the finishing line and the brave bikers who completed the 5.1 km main race thought they could do another round...

Adele was lucky to be the fortune during raffling and all the goodies found their owners. The girls, who won a bike, were especially happy – they frisked about in the streets like young lambs without their feet even touching the ground. Also Kerli was really happy about her racing pants: after getting home, she took another big round with the bike not minding even the rain which had begun to drizzle by that time. Stiiven got a fancy bell for his tricycle in a raffle. Annika had just said that she needs bike gloves and this is what she got by lot.

At the spa, the kids were curious about the saunas. Special excitement caused the ice sauna that had a wall made of ice and where they could rub themselves with pieces of ice. Also, the salt sauna and pool became favourites of the children so they barged in there several times. And the barrel sauna and hot tubes and bubble-pool, where every corner offered an interesting experience. It was a really delightful and relaxing experience, both for the children as well as teachers!

Independence doesn’t come by chance...

The teachers said that it is good to see how the children are becoming more independent year after year and can take care of themselves. Each kid could take out their number and pick the marathon distance. All children successfully completed their chosen track and were happy about it.

They had the time of their life at the spa and when getting home, they were happy about their athletic effort, the gifts raffled out and a wonderful September day. As a keepsake of the marathon, a fabulous medal was given to every participant who completed the track.

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