Jõulusoovide puu

The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


With ski campaign, we raised almost 30,000 euros


In January, the SEB Heategevusfond campaign “Let us get skis for children’s shelters!” came to an end. During the campaign, 29,430 euros were raised for charity within just two months. Altogether 6444 people provided support to the shelters. As the final event of the campaign we organised a joyful skiing day at the Nõmme Sports Centre in Tallinn for the children staying in shelters. The event attracted more than a hundred kids from nine shelters all over Estonia, who really enjoyed the sunny winter day on skis. The snowdrifts were holding a hundred new pairs of skis, which at the end of the event were handed over to the shelters. The hundred pairs of skis (skis, poles, clamps and boots), bought for the donations, enable the kids to enjoy a number of joyful winter days in the future.

These brand new skis will not participate yet in this year’s Tartu Marathon, however have a definite role in spreading the sports fever. Thanks to our donators and supporters, we can to inject positive energy also into kids, who otherwise do not have the possibilities for sporting. The children of shelters with their brand new skis participate on 19 February also in the mini-marathon of the Tartu Marathon event.

A video from the Sunday’s event can be watched here http://bit.ly/heategevusfond.

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