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NUKU’s “The Little Prince” enchanted and urged viewers to think along


During the first weekend in February, children from shelters and substitute homes all over Estonia visited NUKU theatre’s brand new performance of “The Little Prince”. After the performance they went to the puppetry museum, met the actors backstage and got to be a part of the birth of theatre magic in the back rooms of the interesting building.

“The Little Prince” is a story about friendship and love, which is meant for 7–103-year-olds. The enchanted and magical atmosphere of the theatre, the costumes, music and of course the characters created by the actors helped the littlest ones to experience the quite complicated performance.

After the performance, the children got to go to the interesting backstage of the puppetry theatre with a guide. Children were able to try and play with the big puppets – it was fun to test them and see how they start to move. In the wardrobe that had moved to the NUKU museum, it was possible to try out how it feels like to be an actor – to sit in front of a mirror and become somebody else.

Bigger children were especially touched by this story; it was apparent from their behaviour. They were quieter and more pensive after the performance. Quite a few families picked up “The Little Prince” book again at the end of the day to cheer his adventures once more.

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