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Hobby scholarship

The hobby scholarship programme of SEB Charity Fund was created to support the hobby activities of children and young people and to promote healthy behaviour. Both those young people already pursuing a hobby and those only beginning to get involved in one are welcome to apply. The aim of the programme is to provide children without parental care with more equitable opportunities to pursue their hobbies, develop individually and realise their talents. Scholarships are financed with donations received by the Fund and the return on investments of the Fund’s assets.

Who are eligible to apply for a scholarship?

All young people between the ages of 7–25 living in safe homes or substitute homes, who are interested in activity and sports, crafts, music or other hobbies, are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship amount and disbursement

In 2018, the pool of scholarship funds is EUR 20 000. The detailed and final allocation is decided by the scholarship committee, which is entitled to make changes to the amount of a scholarship. The scholarship committee includes representatives from the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, SEB Charity Fund and SEB Pank, as well as practitioners working on behalf of children on a daily basis.

The scholarship is for

  • covering a fee of up to EUR 35 a month (no more than 9 months a year: support received in spring will be available through December, inclusive) for participating in a hobby club, group or sport practice;
  • purchasing supplies, equipment, an instrument or technical tool for EUR 30 to 150 (one-off support);
  • covering a fee of up to EUR 150 (one-off support) for attending a camp or participating in a competition.

One person is eligible to submit an application in one or multiple scholarship categories. When a scholarship is awarded, MTÜ SEB Charity Fund will pay the scholarship recipient’s participation fee directly to the service provider, based on an invoice.

Hobby scholarships are awarded once a year. The deadline for submitting an application for a 2018hobby scholarship is 16 February, with the scholarship recipients announced at the end of the next month.

Required documents

To apply for a scholarship, an application needs to be completed with the applicant’s personal information.
Additionally, to apply for a scholarship, the following documents need to be submitted:

  • statement of purpose by the applicant stating the reasons for wishing to receive a scholarship from the SEB Charity Fund and for pursuing her/his hobby. The statement of purpose should include a description of the applicant’s prior involvement with her/his hobby, a list of accomplishments to date, the development sought by the young person, or future plans concerning the hobby, and how the support will contribute towards the achievement of the objectives set. The statement of purpose should be no more than 3000 characters long;
  • letter of recommendation from an educator, teacher, supervisor, child protection official or the like. The letter of recommendation should include a character reference for the young person and describer her/his versatility, motivation in pursuing a field and also any factors currently impeding the young person’s with respect to the hobby. The letter of recommendation should be no more than 3000 characters long;
  • a document proving that the applicant is staying at a safe house or substitute home (from the institution or local government);

All applicants for a hobby scholarship can make a reservation for a personal consultation (for more information, go to:, during which any issues related to the scholarship will be clarified, if necessary.

Components of the statement of purpose:

  •  an introduction, in which I explain where I got the information about the hobby scholarship and write a brief profile to introduce myself;
  • a section stating reasons: Why do I, rather than someone else, need this support? Why I, rather than someone else, am the right person to receive a scholarship;
  • a forward-looking section: what will improve and happen if I receive this scholarship;
  • a summary and conclusion, and my contact details.

Documents need to be prepared in Estonian and sent by 16 February 2018 at the latest to:


Participate Thank you, if you have already supported our charity programme or if you are going to do it in the future! Sign a standing payment order contract in SEB Internet Bank for 3 euros a month or support with a single donation.