Jõulusoovide puu

The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


Half-term trip to Jūrmala water park “How do they not run out of bubbles in the tub?”


On the first Friday of the year, 200 children staying in Estonian substitute homes and shelters made a traditional trip to our southern neighbours in Latvia, to visit the Jūrmala water park.

The children are eagerly waiting for the trip to the Jūrmala water park each year. It has become a great winter tradition already for many families: the kids know what to expect and are really excited about going.

There were plenty of interesting activities in the water park for all ages. You see, everyone knows that the water slides in Jūrmala are the coolest! The kids enjoyed also all of the saunas and hot tubes. Many families had also taken along new children, most of whom had not been in such a big spa. The children were excited and happy, enjoying joy of water in different pools.

A visit to the water park also served as a school for dealing with an unfamiliar place – after all, they are in such a big pool and in an unknown place among unknown people. In addition to swimming and enjoying themselves in the pools, the kids could communicate with each other also in a different environment. The children thought that the visit was kind of short, as the time flew fast indeed.

On their journey home, it was already dark outside and the beauty of the Christmas lights released the effects of the lovely city of Riga, which hypnotised the big as well as the small ones. The long drive was totally worth it, as it gave so many great emotions and experience for the beginning of the year. The impressions lasted for several days afterwards.

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