Jõulusoovide puu

The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


Christmas wish tree: Dreams and hobbies are paving the way to the future

By experimenting with different things, children learn to sense what is a more or less favourable activity for them. In doing so, they discover what really excites them and that could in turn become a hobby for life or a chance to get a job in that field in the future.

11-year-old Timmo from Tallinn has been interested in cooking for a while. He was extremely happy about the cookbook he received for his birthday and he is eager to try new recipes. The boy has the courage to experiment and he has made dinner for the entire family from start to finish a couple of times. In the summer, he devoted himself to gardening: he mainly grew vegetables in his garden beds – cucumbers, peas, etc. In the new year he's planning to take cooking lessons but Timmo wishes to receive a waffle maker from Santa to keep his passion warm until then. Timmo is interested in a lot of things: he has an interest in science, he likes to read nature related books and encyclopaedias. The boy is researching micro and macro space, and his knowledge about the Earth is impressive.

Hobbies that lead to nature

The hobby of the 16-year-old young man Andre from Ida-Virumaa is fishing, and together with his older brothers, who are also active fishermen, he goes fishing as often as possible. In this way they can get away from devices, be in the fresh air, communicate and if they're lucky, catch dinner as well. Andre's wish is easy to guess – of course he wants a gift card for a fishing gear store.

The technician knows exactly what he wants!

17-year-old Virgo from Pärnu is an exceptional boy because his interest in heritage is impressive. He spends most of his time in the garage. While he is studying, he also has a job on the side and the extra money he earns is spent on spare parts and buying tools. He has had a deep technical interest for a long time and he even wakes up early so that he has time to go to the garage before school.

Virgo has built a bicycle with an auxiliary motor from scratch and there are two small cars waiting to be worked on. In order to keep his hobby alive, he wishes to get an auto-dimming welding mask from Santa; he would really know how to look after such a present. He keeps an eye on all his purchased tools.

Real belongings

The family's youngest, 11-year-old Mart from Valgamaa, is the biggest fan of camping. Every time there's a road trip with the family, Mart is the first one to ask: "Should we take the tents too?" His big Christmas dream is to get his own tent with an inflatable mattress, because so far he has had to share his tent with older boys. Then he can read his books, draw, listen to music or just be when he's camping.

Just like Mart, a lot of children long for things that are their own, because the substitute home where they live, has about 5–8 children in one family and a lot has to be shared. Something that belongs to you has a completely different sound and meaning. 

Mart started going to boxing this autumn, which he was really looking forward to. When he gets out of practice, he is always happy to show the moves and kicks that he has learnt. And maybe he will get better at boxing and write to Santa next year to ask for his own boxing gloves.

Interest in languages and books set out an adventure 

The 15-year-old Anna-Liisa from Tallinn is a polyglot. She has learnt a lot of languages: Estonian, English, Finnish, German, a little Japanese and French. Since she's a big fan of the South Korean band BTS, she has now started to learn Korean. 

The girl really wishes to go to South Korea to see her favourite band, but first she would be happy if she got a black BTS hoodie from Santa. Anna-Liisa also likes to read; this year she has read 115 books! But that's not all – she also likes to dance, sing and draw. 

Time will tell where all these interests and skills will lead the children.

We can only give a child the best gift if we appreciate his/her wishes and understand the actual needs behind them. A Christmas gift that brings joy and helps in developing oneself is the best – it sparks the drive for discovery, challenges one’s knowledge, or teaches a new skill. We can only give a child the best gift if we appreciate his/her wishes and understand the actual needs behind them.

Receiving gifts on Christmas Eve was the highlight of the year for many children, but life goes on 12 months a year and dreams don’t end with Christmas. Why not give a gift to these children every month and support their hobbies as a permanent donor? The support of a permanent donor is invaluable because children growing up in family and foster homes want to practise activities and have hobbies all year round, just like children growing up with their parents. As a permanent donor, you 

Contribute € 3 per month and you give children the sense of success, new experiences or support young people in the acquisition of education that is vital for independent living. Give your small contribution to children living in substitute homes so that they have the same supportive and developing environment as the children being raised in your own family. Read more: www.heategevusfond.ee/joulupuu/pysiannetus.

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