Tunnustusauhind „Lastega ja lastele“

Aita tunnustada lapsi, noori ja täiskasvanuid, organisatsioone ning ühendusi, kes oma algatuste või pikaajalise tegevusega on oluliselt panustanud laste ja noorte heaolusse!

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There are cases in life, where parents give life to a child but the others teach the child to live the life. We are working in support of the children to help improve their situation. We support the activities and programs, which are aimed at those kids, whose parents do not care for them, since every child has the right to grow up without violence in a caring and supportive environment.

For today, SEB Heategevusfond has more than 7000 supporters, who help to provide the children, left without parental care, with positive emotions. Among the others of the kind, the fund has the largest number of regular private donators and together we shall continue our co-operation in support of children deprived of parental care. There are kind-hearted people among supporters, who donate just 30 cents as well as those who can contribute 5 euros, but each cent for the support of a child in need is priceless.
With the help of regular supporters, the children, left without parental care, may get support and feel themselves equal to kids, living in a traditional family – throughout the year and not just during Christmas. We try to offer the kids, growing up in substitute homes and shelters, assurance, approval and friendship, which help to build their self-confidence, develop positive value judgements and teach them to love themselves and the surrounding world.

The entire money, donated to us, is forwarded directly for the support of children.

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