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2015 started for the kids with a trip to Jurmala Aquapark


On 2 January, 250 children from substitute homes and safe houses across Estonia once again had the chance to enjoy themselves at the Livu Aquapark, in Jurmala. Since the bus this time also travelled for an extended period through the city of Riga, in order to reach the destination, the children were able to admire the capital city of our neighbour to the south, dressed in the festive decorations of New Year’s Eve, which left an unforgettable impression on many of the children. 

In many homes, a little research had been carried out in advance about the Jurmala Aquapark and Latvia. The children had questions about Latvians and the Latvian language – they inquired about the language spoken and the money used in Latvia. On this trip, the children learned some facts about Riga and Jurmala, but also about the European Union and the borders between countries.

At the water park, the children gave the place a quick once-over; with the bigger boys immediately conquering all of the pipes and the smaller ones finding more joy in the fast flowing river and children’s fort. The pool where the big waves were created was also a popular attraction. Refreshments were provided in the form of a modest snack in the aquapark’s cafe and a very delicious ice cream milkshake straight from the poolside bar. Along with their teachers the children relaxed in hot tubs and saunas; while the bigger children enjoyed what the outside pool had to offer. As always, the children felt happy at being able to put their courage to the test, and quite a number of children overcame their fear of water.

It was nice to see children sticking together. Due to the fact that there were so many people at the aquapark, it was easy to get lost in the chaos. But the children grouped together nicely: bigger kids together and smaller ones with each other. Everyone kept an eye on everyone else, and there was a feeling of teamwork in the air. Afterwards, the teachers noted that these types of outings are also interesting because it lets them see the children engaging in a completely different kind of activity. With each new trip, it seems that the children are well behaved and also attentive to the needs of others: no one is left in the lurch and the bigger children happily contribute to the success of the event by assisting the smaller children.

For many teachers, this Jurmala trip was an important chance to get to know the children better and from a slightly different vantage point, and to strengthen their relations with each other while being away from their typical environment and situations.

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